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Reasons for the crane turning over

in Der Ort Stegen 03.06.2016 11:03
von sanygroup | 61 Beiträge

When a crane is on operation, it may turn over suddenly, causing huge damage. There are several reasons thatmay lead to the accidents.

First, the crane’s hoisting weight is higher than its rated load weight. Overload hoisting canmake a Crawler Cranes lose balance, leading to the turning over of the whole car.

Second, soft ground can make a crane’s landing legunable to perform its function. For example, a crane can tip sideways and turn over when it is hoisting goods with landing leg sunk in soft ground. sany global

Third, fast rotating speed of the lazy arm could also bring about the turning over of the crane due to the combined action of torque and centrifugal force.

Fourth, a driver’s operational fault can also lead to the turning over of the Tower Crane. If the operator carries out the operational procedures such as stretching the arm or descending the arm with the crane in full load, the turning over may occur because of the center of the gravity shift.

It can be found that instability of gravity center and the imbalance of the car are the primary causes for the turning over of the crane. Different measures should be taken to prevent the disasters under different working conditions.

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