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Stem cells could be the beginning of the end for deadly diseases nike roshe run halvalla , by allowing medical science to form custom-made tissues and organs that would replace or repair damaged ones. Scientists haven't yet mastered the process of creating specialized cells that form body parts. But they have come a long way since the 1800s when pathologist Rudolf Virchow pioneered the idea that disease starts at the cellular level in his Berlin laboratory. Embryonic stem cell research got its start in the U.S. in November 1998 when James Thomson, a scientist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, was the first to successfully remove cells from spare embryos at fertility clinics. He established the world's first human embryonic stem cell line. His announcement however, set off a firestorm of controversy that was quickly carried into countries around the world. At the center of the controversy was a wave of political and religious fervor, with zealots who likened the research to cannibalism, and warned of a dark nike roshe one suomi , science fiction-like future filled with "embryo farms" and "cloning mills" In truth, every year thousands of unwanted embryos are slated for disposal at fertility clinics around the country. These embryos are smaller than the dot above the letter "i" when typed onto a piece of paper. They have no identifying features, and not even a hint of a nervous system. To throw them away, advocates say, when the stem cells themselves would be unable to develop into a baby - even if planted inside a uterus - seems an unthinkable waste that they claim borders on immoral. Some forms of stem cell therapy have been around - and widely used - for decades. For example, bone marrow transplants are used to treat sickle cell anemia. The stem cells in the donated bone marrow regenerate the patient's blood and immune system. It works like this - one cell divides nike roshe one kengät , and becomes two. The two become four. And so on and so on, until they multiply into a ball of millions of cells. Similar cells combine into tissues, and the tissues combine into organs. There are over 200 different types of cells that create the human body. And inside each of us are billions of cells, each with a specific job to do. A stem cell is a cell that matures and has the ability to self-replicate - often throughout the life of the organism. So, the dream for medical researchers is to provide the right conditions - or give specific stems cells the right signals - so that a targeted stem cell will develop into mature cells that could repair diseased tissues or organs. If successful, it would mean the end of crude mechanical devices such as insulin pumps nike free flyknit chukka suomi , titanium joints or plastic arteries, and use living, natural replacements. The potential for stem cell medicine is awe inspiring. Stem cell lines could be used to help burn victims, and those who have suffered spinal cord injuries. It also has the potential to cure many common diseases of today, such as diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. Even in the midst of all the controversy nike air max 90 essential valkoinen , few question the medical promise of embryonic stem cells. And while the arguments go back and forth, policymakers and governments aren't waiting for medical answers. Their reactions - and actions - that have included limiting government funding and the type of research that is allowed are varied. Germany for example has banned

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