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Cheap astral diamonds for neverwinter companions

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von dulala | 11 Beiträge

cheap astral diamonds for neverwinter companions.
death slaad
dread warrior on my prot. with very little agro generating abilities anything is helpful.
yeti on prot more dmg = good.
on a side note. when both the yeti and dread warrior proc you get stupidly huge. and thats always good for a chuckle.

sprite for ap gain or sylph for control resist
stone ( always active)
i never will recommend a non aug companion for a prot pali as active. 1st the randomness of procs ( even the zwarlock) makes for odd spikes in defense/recovery. ( the 2 sets i use most often on the aug).
second it makes repositioning things harder. or pulling mobs. both of which are usefull abilities. i keep multiple sets of companion gear for solo/dailies vs dungeons. so i can tweak stats on the fly depending on group makeup. with an ap cleric i swap to more offensive gear (avenger set with darks/radiants). for healerless or egwd groups i'll often run commanders with silveries/radiants, and for dragons i run defenders set with silveries/azures.

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