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other usefull astral diamonds ps4 information

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von dulala | 11 Beiträge

other usefull neverwinter ps4 astral diamonds information
on dev palis more than prot crit is a fairly useless skill. so much of your damage is tied up in things that will never proc that investing in crit is a complete waste. arpen to 6k then power/recovery ( until you can perma shield)

on prot palis its still a waste. recovery to permabubble then arpen then power. dropping power for arpen has increased my ability to hold agro considerably.

prot build 3 adjustment.
swift flash is nearly useless. if you need to close in on a mob you have radiant strike. and its not fast enough to run away from anything you might want to run away from. so if you're going to "waste" 5 points 10% control bonus for burning/templars dazes is more usefull.

holy resurgence for more stam
unflinching resolve for control resist ( see above cc immunity comments)
stand your ground for a little more dr ( can never have enough).

personally i dont spec prism on either pali. while prism + burning light is powerful. its not worth the lag in any situation where the dps would make a difference.

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