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Stainless steel wire drawing implement

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In the drawing process, the role of the die is drawn at a drawing stress σ1 drawing force unit cross-sectional area of ​​the wire on. To make the metal mold plastic deformation in the hole, drawing stress σ1 must be greater than the deformation resistance σT mold hole in the metal deformation zone; and in order to prevent the wire out of the die hole and continue deformation attenuated or pull off thereby destabilizing drawing process, drawing stress σ1 must be less than the die hole after the wire is drawn yield limit σs, and therefore for achieving the drawing process is usually expressed as: σT < σ1 < σs. The ratio of K's with the safety factor called drawing process302 stainless steel astm a 580

Subjected to cold-drawn wire produce significant deformation hardening, its yield limit σs value close to their ultimate strength σb, σb commonly used in the production of value instead of σs, thus achieving the drawing process conditions can also be expressed as σT < σ1 < σs; drawing process safety factor of K ratio σb with σ1 also available representationPerforated Stainless Steel Sheet Price

Safety factor
Drawing process safety factor K value is generally 1.40 to 2.0, K < 1.40 represents the drawing stress σ1 is too large, the die hole after the wire may continue to appear deformed attenuation or pull off phenomenon, unstable drawing process; K> 2.0 Description drawing stress σ1 smaller, pass drawing deformation amount is too small, drawing passes increased. The pull wire drawing diameter of less than 0.05mm ultra-fine wire, clothing die hard, in order to improve the stability of the drawing process, reduce the number of mold to pull off and wear, improve drawing productivity, safety factor K may be greater than 2.0wholesale stainless steel hexagon bars

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