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air max 2016 homme noir

in Der Ort Stegen 20.05.2016 05:46
von vikingsstore | 639 Beiträge

nds are all the rage. The business community needs to know air max 2016 femme rose , what's coming down the cultural highway next year? How do we make a buck off of it? Fair questions. Part of the problem in answering , of course, is that trend identification is often just a business-appropriate term for fortune telling. Some people are granted high regard for'll know them because they collect lots of data!...but the truth is they are looking backwards for answers regarding events that will largely be shaped by the unknown and the unknowable. And far be it for humility or even a decent calendar to stand in the prognosticator's way. At least when astrology is brought to bear on this practice of future casting, it's no secret that one is playing with the intellectual equivalent of a squishy toy with a Magic 8 Ball(tm) in its tummy. But the truth of squishy toys is that they can be both comforting and charming. And admit it, one was once your best friend. So I encourage you, as you read the following oracular ruminations (not trends for godssake), to not think so much of some high priced business consultancy with a penchant for groovy terminology and highly polished statements of the obvious. This is coming straight from your teddy. Okay, a well-spoken teddy who probably needs to get out more. 1. Making good use of time is not always the same thing as being quick. Our society has become speed hungry in a zillion different self-destructive ways. This year the astrological clock speaks of enormous change in cultural time perception. We are on the precipice of rediscovering that the race is a marathon rather than a sprint, and it will go to the steady rather than the swift. 2. Authority will vest in the effective and the responsible; talk is cheap. It may not be clear right now, but we are leaving an age of duelling concept articulation for one in which power will vest in the capable. On any level of enterprise, the most desirable chief will be the responsible steward of resources...not the one with the best patter. Claims to authority must be backed up by evidence of experience air max 2016 homme noir , competence and stability. 3. Self-discipline is making a cultural comeback, even if it's just an ideal. It's long

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