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in Der Ort Stegen 06.05.2016 08:18
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Many spiritual traditions revolve around one central question: "Who am I ?" Even the business world ponders this crucial matter. According to business gurus nike free run 4.0 pas cher , the first step on the road to success is asking yourself this very question:"What's my mission? What on Earth am I doing? Am I in the right place?" If you can't answer these questions, then you are wasting 90% of your time and energy doing things that are neither your mission nor your business! You will feel an inner anxiety, urging you to search for the deeper meaning of your life. If you consider living to be painful, if you feel dissatisfied, if you feel "there must be more than this", if you feel out of place in this world, then you have not yet found the purpose of your life. If you are questioning the meaning of life, if you can't find inner peace, if you are not satisfied with choices you've made in life, if you don't know which way to turn, if you feel your life is stuffed with things that aren't of your choosing and that don't satisfy you, if you often feel burdened and bad-tempered, if you "have everything to feel happy" but don't, then it is time for you to discover your true self! Human beings want to feel useful. We long to give our lives some deeper meaning. As long as you have not discovered this deeper meaning, you feel frustrated and on the wrong track. We want our lives to be worthwhile. This does not mean we need to achieve 'great feats' or become world famous. We just need to feel in place and do the right thing surrounded by the right people. It's about finding out our mission. It's about finding 'inner peace'. Our mission on Earth is twofold. The general aspect is that we are here to learn to bring more love into the world. The personal aspect is that everyone has its own peculiar, unique way of doing this. Your mission represents the central piece of your life. The surrounding pieces represent your family, your relationship, your kids, your job, your home, your health nike free 3.0 v4 femme rose , your friend, and so on. The centerpiece holds all of this together. That centerpiece, that's you. You are the most important

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