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in Der Ort Stegen 15.04.2016 09:59
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facilitating the *possibility* of orgasm for yourself and your partner. There is no guaranteed method to always have an orgasm, so therefore why worry about having an orgasm all of the time? There are however countless techniques, many of which have been proven to increase the frequency of orgasm. There are medical techniques that you can talk with a doctor about. But there are many which have nothing to do with a doctor. Solitary and mutual masturbation, foreplay Khalil Mack Jersey , and plainriety have been shown to increase the frequency and intensity of orgasm during sex. Being in better health can do this too. Healthy = Good. Try things, look things up! In my opinion just putting in the effort is the best way to start. Many men underestimate foreplay, and miss out on A LOT. Erectile Dysfunction, ED, floppy cock, limp noodle, broke dick; there really is no happy way

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