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Personal satisfaction since they are responsible for a wide range of hospital tasks and being able to accomplish those different roles is already very pleasing to one self. Monetary satisfaction as well since this profession is offering good salary benefits and a possible salary increase if the employer sees that the staff is dedicated Johnny Boychuk Jersey , passionate and simply because the employee qualifies to the standards set by the organization concerning salary adjustments. Truly, this is a profitable career. But, what are the factors that drive the MA’s salary? Curious? Following are aspects that can influence the salary and compensation benefits of medical assistants.

Employee’s Skills

Just like in other profession, if a person is highly skilled in the craft and the employer sees potential for growth, without doubt that person will receive higher pay as compared to others whose skills are average. Not only are they qualified for increase, they can also be promoted to managerial or supervisory roles.


After completion of the training program, he or she can take the next step and that is certification. Being certified can provide a great edge not just in the hiring process but it can also provide excellent salary range.

Work Place Setting
There is slightly conflicting information regarding the actual salary ranges for most, but salaries seem to generally reside somewhere between $22,000 and $35 Jaroslav Halak Jersey ,000 per year. The lower side of the range would be for new recruits and initiates while the high side would be someone with over 5 years of actual experience in the field.

The actual salary range will depend on factors such as:

Size of the institution where you are employed

What kind of work you do; clerical, optometrists, chiropractor, etc….

How many years you have been employed as a medical assistant

All of these factors contribute in one way or another to your overall salary potential. Medical assistant is also a career field that is populated by an overwhelming majority of women; but there are men that do very well in the field too. In addition to the excellent wage earning potential offer by a career in medical assistance there are also fringe benefits. In large practices, where there may be more than one or two personnel, they are likely to specialize in a.

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