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6 million fireworks display, said to be the biggest ever in the southern Chinese city

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Tens of thousands of people lined Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor cheap flower girl dresses to view a $1.6 million fireworks display, said to be the biggest ever in the southern Chinese city.It was not too long ago that diners and hotel guests avoided establishments rumoured to be swirling with the paranormal. But now, in an age when a haunted reputation can make the difference between profit and bankruptcy, hotels, restaurants and even entire Canadians cities are clamouring to prove that they are swarming with the lost souls of the dead.“We’re not a trendy city,” says Ann Tuennerman, founder of Tales of the Cocktail, a high-minded industry event that started with about 50 participants in 2002 and last year welcomed 17,000 participants from 34 countries. Among the city’s most serious parties, the five-day-long Tales has pumped $70 million into the local economy since 2008, when the figure started being measured. Perhaps only in NOLA could a conference centered on booze end with a blessing by a priest, as occurred this past July in Jackson Square Park with a farewell from Father Bill Dailey, a lecturer in law at Notre Dame Law School (and a cocktail geek).I’ve just finished reading Bertie by Jane Ridley, a biography of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria and a stickler about what a man should wear on every occasion. It’s a little different for royalty because they must be noticed; looking sloppy is not an option. The king even demanded that Lord Salisbury wear buckled shoes, stockings and breeches at a particularly formal event. Salisbury argued for trousers and was denied.With the appearance of J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons on last night’s episode of Girls, there were many fashion moments to be had — which makes us wonder whether a stipulation in her contract read “artistic direction for costumes.” Yes, the creative director for the chain — known for its colourful prints and non-boring office clothes — appeared as an editor at GQ, where Hannah lands a job (and sells her soul) as an advertorial writer.Once we committed, we decided we didn’t want to tell a story about him being Native American. He just is Native American. And it has to be in everything he does. So we started talking to local native communities flower girl dresses in Quebec about all sorts of things, including style of dress, jewelery, language, weaponry, how they felt about things that happened in their folklore. Then we hired a Native American consultant who helped us by reviewing the script, the concept art, and ensuring we weren’t being offensive.? Sprinkle on salads, steamed veggies ? Blend into soups andsmoothies to thicken ? Blend with cacao, honey, fruit of choice tomake a creamy pudding ? Sprinkle on cereals ? Add to crackers,bread, baking, cookies, pancake recipes- whole or ground ? Mix in to applesauce as an effective laxativeWhere a lot of electronic pop music can seem affected and frozen in pose, the PSB seem to hold virtue and positivism in high stead. Beneath the duo’s digital armour, the flesh is warm, a characteristic they’ve managed to easily maintain over three decades of? music.The girls were sharing the path with other Segway riders, cyclists, baby strollers used by the mothers as weapons, and boys attempting to glide their skateboards through groups of Germans, Scandinavians, French, Latinos, Asians, Québécois, Italians — people from most every nation in the world. I believe I heard 15 different languages strolling down the beach walks and Lincoln Mall in South Beach. At least a third of the women wore T-shirts saying Miami Bitch. Unlike Palm Beach, the women don’t dress up much. South Beach attracts the middle class, define it as you will, but not the 1%. But I like walking through the masses of people eating ice cream and pizza, staring at everyone else and carrying, dragging or pushing babies.We were in South Beach towards the middle of January and everyone had brought children who were too young for school. Their cries were calmed down in every language from Korean to Portuguese.

Large Italian families would settle themselves down in open-air restaurants at 10 p.m. and the children would eat pasta and listen to their elders.Americans used to flood Europe as tourists and now the Europeans are getting their revenge by flooding this great American, architecturally famous region. There’s nothing else in the world quite like all these three- or four-storey little hotels barely saved some years ago from the developers’ ivory flower girl dresses chopping block. Who would have thought Europeans would come to the U.S. to see a mile and a half of art-deco hotels? I did miss the Japanese, who had the travel bug about 20 years ago but today are, big time, staying at home.We were sitting in a filled- to-bursting restaurant when a tall handsome man of about 50 rolled in standing on a Segway, manoeuvred his way through the narrow spaces between tables and was carefully helped into his chair by the waiters who obviously knew him. There was no way a wheelchair could have got through.

I haven’t seen any Segways on Toronto’s walks and I’m not sure I want to, unless they’re used as a mobility device like the man in the restaurant. When healthy boys and girls get on those things, they become tyrants of the pedestrian road.One might think I dislike going to South Beach with the multinational crowds, the pesky machines and the absence of memorable restaurants. In fact, South Beach is a bit like Toronto — both are multi-ethnic yet lack great food. In Toronto it’s hard to get fruits and vegetables out of season that don’t taste like wood, and, guess what, it’s impossible to find tasty fruits and vegetables in Miami where they grow them close by.

The oranges and melons are without flavour — in fact all the fruits are flavourless. I remember when I first drank blood orange juice in Sicily.? Now that tasted like something. For good food but uneven weather, go to Palermo instead of Miami.There is a terrific fish in Florida called yellowtail snapper that lives in its warm waters.

It’s what Dover Sole is to the English Channel. Unfortunately most restaurants don’t serve yellowtail snapper in Miami; they serve imported frozen Dover Sole instead. There is a small restaurant near the hotel where we were staying called Grill Fish that always has yellowtail on the menu. The owner told us people rarely order it because it has a bony spine, just like the Dover Sole the Miami restaurants like to serve. Locavores have not yet come to Miami.

6 million fireworks display, said to be the biggest ever in the southern Chinese city

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