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in Lyrik 03.09.2006 23:30
von Hero_of_France | 113 Beiträge

Selbst erfundene Songs könnten ma doch auch einführen...wer was hat kann ja hier einfügen. Bin selber noch am überlegen
Love your illusions

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RE: Songs

in Lyrik 05.09.2006 19:13
von [flo] | 526 Beiträge

Hatte mal 3 Songs for free getippt, aber ob ich die am PC noch hab, weiß ich nemmer. Ich gucke mal wenn ich am Weekend wieder zurück zu Haus bin. Bei einem Song geht es über Zombies, welches recht düster gehalten ist!

Faulheit ist der Grundstein für Genialität!

Mein Filmdatenbank

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RE: Songs

in Lyrik 18.09.2006 18:28
von michi | 56 Beiträge
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RE: Songs

in Lyrik 03.12.2006 23:56
von Croc • Ehemalige - Mod
| 403 Beiträge

Hab n Liedchen gefunden... Gefällt mir noch:


It was on a Wednesday afternoon
This day burned in my memory
Never thought it would come so soon
There began our story

Sweet November
Things I’ll remember
For all my good life
In my heart a knife
A smile from the moon
I knew I was doomed

First we were bloody enemies
From the very begin
Behind him all the ladies
See how they hunted for him
Wondering they ain’t in shame
Well he’s a good-looking man
But love was just a game
We had fights and pain
He didn’t surrender no matter how
Have no clue but he became strange
Such different from now
Never thought he could change

Sweet November…

All what he did was a crime
He was the hunter for me
He hasn’t given up for a long time
Fallin’ in love was a controversy
This kind of his straight gesture
Felt like being in a dead end
His charming made me so insecure
Whatever I tried I couldn’t defend
Listen to his words what’s beyond
I’ve lost a battle again
Keep blaming me from this day on
As I’ve lost my grip then

Sweet November…

Es würde mich noch interessieren, wie euch das Lied gefällt
If today was perfect there would be no need for tomorrow

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RE: Songs

in Lyrik 13.02.2007 21:35
von Croc • Ehemalige - Mod
| 403 Beiträge
Written by the past
How long did it last
Then you came there
How foolish we were
This fading wonder
Soft surrender

Are you my mirror?
You seem to be a warrior
Against everything what's real
There are wounds that won't heal
Black souls in the dawn
The wind begins to moan
About the fading wonder
Soft surrender

Could this love be for good?
The answer is in the wood
Burning and never-ending
The truth you're hiding
Sad shapes in the daylight
Longing for something out of sight
This fading wonder
Soft surrender

If today was perfect there would be no need for tomorrow
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