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The paving plan of the floor

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Step 1: grass-roots cleaning: the base level shall be flat, dry and clean. If floor or bungalow is laid, it must be waterproof. The floor must be cleaned before the floor is laid. Step2: laying plastic film Outdoor Floor Exporters Online mat: the pad layer can use the foam pad or thickness of the plastic film with a thickness of 3mm to the base of 10 to 12mm, and the docking and sealing of the interface. Also can use the thickness of 9-18mm high quality layer plywood. Each glued laminated analysis should be uniform cut small pieces, area should be less than 0.7 square meters, had better use paint anticorrosion, fixed on the ground, all round nail must be strong, to be kept between plates 3-6 mm gap, sealed with adhesive tape.
Step3: floor: the shop floor and room usually walk in the same direction, the direction of the line by line from left to right or from right to left in the shop installs a groove to the wall, floor and wall into a wedge between expansion joints. First take a floor, 30 ~ 45 degree Angle with the ground, the tenon mortise close to a piece on the floor, after floor against put down gently, with a claw hammer and small wood floor along the edges, and make the floor joining together tightly, if floor still appear after beating cock, can knock on the edge of the floor surface near the place. Note: in dry area, the floor is wet, the expansion joints should be small, and the expansion joints in the wet areas should be kept large. The final row of floors is cut and assembled by measuring the width of the floor, which is tightly packed with hooks or spirals. Bridge installation: in the room, hall, and the interface between the interface, the floor must be isolated and treated, the seam should be done, and the connecting rod and metal bridge will be used.
Step 4: install the baseboard: the baseboard should be installed, and the thickness of the baseboard should be greater than 1.2cm. When installation, floor expansion gap between 5-12mm, apply polyphenylene plate or elastomer to fill in air, in case the floor loosens. Install the skirting board and be sure to cover the stretch.
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