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Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey

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This article is the first in a series of fascinating reports which were the result of so inter research I have spent so ti on recently regarding the possibilities of alternative fuel solutions. These articles can be found at my Water 4 Gas Blog As unlikely as it may seem, Fred Flintstone had it right with his automobile using his bare feet sticking out the bottom!!! Yep, that is the destination to which my research led ! Fred?s only mistake is that as an a cartoon charter he was restricted in his ability to ?think in abstrts? and conceive of the bigger picture! Folks are beginning to realize that a potentially huge natural resource for alternative energy is the energy produced in the everyday things that most everyone does and it can be done without slave labor camps! Just doing nothing more than what we naturally do all the ti anyway but by being sowhat smarter about these tivitieswith regards to conservation and recycling of energy we can light large cities! So it appears that ol? Fred was smarter than he appeared! Well, it is one destination where my research led . I also have other articles besides. My focused mission is to make you aware of the wealth of alternative fuel data at my Water 4 Gas that educates individuals how to convert your gas powered vehicle engine into partial hybrid or total water-based hydrogen consuming system. But in that endeavor I have beco so intrigued with the genius of alternative energy that I wanted to are other amazing things I have co ross with you as well. There is a health spa in Hong Kong where a young woman nad Wong was working up a sweat that is hoping that a vehicle battery, so treadmills and a crowd of health conscious exercisers can help ease the world's energy problems. You see, as Ms Wong in Hong Kong was making her way through and as e increased her own body?s energy output to Shakira music blasting on the gym's sound system, the energy e created was captured and converted into electricity and retained in a battery that powers so of the gym's lights. "It's very rewarding," e said, pointing at the lighting fixture in the ceiling above her. "You can observe yourself burning fatto keep that light burning." This virtuous cycle is just one of many projects on the fringes of the renewable-energy revolution that are attempting, in big and small ways, to harness the power of the human body. So approhes include a dance floor that generates electricity from the vibrations of the dancers on the dance floor to energy-harvesting oes that convert motion from taking a stroll into electricity. One of these oes currently being tested can generate about six watts, more than enough to power a cellphone. Besides Fred Flintstone, a familiar icon of 1960s television was Maxwell Smart?s oe phone on the Get Smart TV program. This is a new angle on a oe phone! Like many of these endeavors, the health club idea won?t light up a skyline or even power the spa's own air conditioning. So far they have only rigged up thirteen exercize systems at one of its gyms. If all of them were connected up, the power generated amounts to about three hundred watts, approximately sufficient to power three 27-inch television sets, 5 sixty-watt light bulbs or a few hundred video iPods. If all the exercise mhines were being used and were connected ten hours a day for a year, the fility could produce about $183 worth of electricity. At that rate of progress, it would take about eighty o years to

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