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Body chicken skin? How to rescue

in Kino/Filme 29.10.2016 04:20
von leaflee1217 | 36 Beiträge

Body chicken skin? How to rescue

Although some chicken skin has a natural genetic factors exist, however, this skin chicken skin can still be acquired through the care to be improved. So, how to care chicken skin it? Meimei can try the following several nursing methods Oh.
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Some crush skin is easy to goose bumps, a cold or hot stimulation of the skin will appear a small pimple of the lump, appeared in the arm and other parts of the thigh can also put it in the past, however, if the face in the neck, It is really too difficult to read.

1, regular skin to remove horny

Want to solve the problem of skin chicken skin, crush need to start with the removal of horny, first dissolved keratin, and wash your face in the bath when the scrub on the scrub every two weeks for the skin to remove the horny once in use After scrub, to apply gourd water to do for the skin moisturizing, exfoliating the process as far as possible not too hard, otherwise it will hurt the fragile skin, make the cuticle damage, the skin will be more vulnerable, chicken skin will be more apparent, therefore , Crush exfoliating in time, we must master the intensity.

2, body lotion

If your skin is easy to play in all parts of the body, indicating that your body is very dry skin, may wish to point to the body's skin moisturizing care for the whole body skin lotion, moisturizing lotion, can help the skin to add moisture At the same time, to be moisturizing, so smearing moisturizing lotion, can help skin to improve chicken skin problems.

3, for the skin smear salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is an acidic skin care nutrients, which appear in many skin care products, and for the more serious crustaceans who crush, the general can use ingredients containing salicylic acid skin care products to improve the skin of chicken skin phenomenon. As salicylic acid itself can be sebum dissolved, so you can follow the skin of the oil and achieve a keratinized area, today the solvent out of the skin horny, so as to improve the skin of chicken skin effect. Therefore, the crush if chicken skin serious, you can choose to contain salicylic acid skin care products to use.

4, good sun protection measures

Meimei to remember, regardless of the sunny days throughout the year, overcast, sun protection measures should be done, some chicken skin symptoms are usually crush because they do not go out to do sun protection measures, resulting in severe skin sunburn, resulting in skin melanin precipitation , So that chicken skin is more serious. Therefore, we should try to avoid direct contact with the sun on the skin, to a certain extent, to ease the chicken skin problems.

5, eat more foods rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A for the maintenance of the skin, it is essential nutrients, the skin needs a variety of adequate vitamins, to make the skin full of flexibility and vitality. For chicken skin skin crush, eat foods rich in vitamin A, to improve the chicken skin phenomenon is very helpful. Vitamin A-rich foods are spinach, pea, green peppers, carrots, pumpkin, animal liver, a variety of dairy products and eggs and food, of course, can also be taken directly oral vitamin A to skin absorption of vitamin A, Thereby improving the skin of chicken skin phenomenon.

Chicken skin to make the skin full moisture moisturizing work, the skin from the rough lump phenomenon can be improved.

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