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mineral salt bath - relaxation of tight muscles

in Philosophie 14.10.2016 09:38
von leaflee | 82 Beiträge

with red wine or green tea bubble bath - to promote metabolism, relieve swelling

Once the stiff shoulders are felt, and the abdomen is like a bulging round of general bulging, please note: This may be issued by the body, "the body of waste and old waste excessive" warning. Once the body refuse to discharge, the body will become edema pain, skin color will become dim with the rough. In this regard, red wine bath method can play a good improvement. Red wine contains alcohol not only can effectively promote the body's waste discharge, but also help relax muscles, relieve the symptoms of shoulder pain. In the 38 ~ 40 ℃ hot water into the half a glass of red wine after the body immersed in the bath, the time without too long, 15 to 20 minutes. At the same time, red wine contains rich polyphenols is an excellent natural antioxidant, not only can promote the body's old waste with sweating a lot of discharge, but also at the same time moisturize the skin, the skin becomes more smooth and detailed after bathing . If there is no red wine around, you can use green tea as a substitute, bath in the bathtub by adding 5 to 6 packets of green tea into the water after the tea bag can be.

mineral salt bath - relaxation of tight muscles
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Repeatedly bathed repeatedly wiped the body - consumption of calories body shaping
For a long time in the cold wind and cold outdoor activities or walking, the body often because of the cold and involuntarily curled up into a ball, a long time so, it will cause muscle soreness. After returning home, may wish to take a bath to quickly relax the muscles. The bathtub in the water temperature control at 40-42 ℃, so the water temperature is relatively high, so the time should not be too long soak, 15 minutes is most appropriate. At the same time, you can mix with a mineral salt composition and help relieve muscle bath or bath agent. If you are in the process of weight loss, but also through repeated bathing and drying to help the body to help heat - that is, 3 minutes after starting to dry body soaked, then soaked 3 minutes after the body dry, repeated three groups Can make you in a short time consumption of about 800 Kcal of heat. Higher water temperature will accelerate the evaporation of the surface of the skin moisture. Therefore, after the completion of the warm skin bath, be sure to apply the first time in the body skin with a high degree of replenishment moisturizing effect of body milk, to avoid dry and rough skin.

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