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Makeup remover steps

in Kino/Filme 09.10.2016 10:23
von leaflee1217 | 36 Beiträge

Makeup remover steps

1, lip makeup

Wipe the lip with a paper towel make-up, then apply a special cleansing liquid eye and lips gently apply lips, remove lip makeup.
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2, eye makeup remover

With a cotton pad dipped in eye makeup remover, in the eye for 5 seconds, it has sufficient time to dissolve eyelashes, eyeliner waterproofing ingredients.

3, remove the mascara

The paper towel on the fold on the lower eyelid, close your eyes, and then dip the makeup of the cotton swab, down by the roots of the eyelashes down erase. Then open your eyes, the paper under the eyelashes on the bottom of the next, with cotton swabs down by the roots of the eyelashes down wipe.

4, remove eye shadow

A little makeup remover to the cotton pad, and then close your eyes, according to eyelid texture, from the eye head to the end of eye direction slowly wipe; wipe the eyelid position when the binocular upward look, try to avoid excessive stretching eye skin fine Pattern.

5, the details of cleaning

Eyelashes and eye shadow after unloading, eyeliner or eye shadow of the residual makeup is also left in the small eyelashes or eyelid folds. With a cotton swab dipped makeup solution, with the direction of the eye perpendicular to the wipe carefully. So as not to stay in the delicate and delicate cosmetics eye skin, damage the skin.

6, unloading looking finish

Finally, cleansing oil applied to the whole face, so that the face of the make-up and Cleansing Oil fully integrated, dipped in a small amount of water, so cleansing oil fully emulsified and then washed with water. Note the steps to make up the first condition, it is absolutely not skim the use of remover products. Bought a brand-name makeup remover, but reluctant to use a little, might as well switch to cheap makeup remover milk. If the result of saving weight and can not be thoroughly cleaned, endangering the health of the skin, would not lose big.

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