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How to create a small V face

in Philosophie 28.09.2016 10:27
von leaflee | 82 Beiträge

How to create a small V face

The ancient people looking for a wife want to find a big face, think this woman is blessed, but the modern look at the value of the color of society, aesthetics changed! Face the smaller the better read, face-lift method of continuous innovation, rapid face-lift How to do it? Life is how we face-lift it, but also for the big face to worry about the friends quickly to see the following description of it!
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Small V face-lift method which have

Pie face is often due to obesity caused by this pie face will make women's charm greatly reduced, so in order to be beautiful as a pie face war, and actively carry out face-lift. Small V face face-lift method which? Here are five small face-lift face method.

Morning massage

You can use the index finger, ring finger, middle finger three fingers of the fingertips, gently take the pressure and circle way to the temple from the mouth to the swelling of the site to massage, so that the effective elimination of facial swelling overnight, you can Very effective to promote facial lymphatic drainage! But the need to pay attention to the intensity must be moderate, not too hard, will inevitably lead to facial skin damage, leading to wrinkles Oh!

2. Face movement

Face-lift is also like other parts of the body like thin, need to take a positive approach to the movement of facial fat consumption, as long as the face of a lot of movement will be able to get face-lift effect. You can watch TV when you take a bottle of mineral water, blowing against the bottle, inhale, exercise the muscles of the face, you can also facing the mirror, so that their own exaggerated facial expressions, which is also conducive to face- All in all is to make their face movement, so you can play a very good face-lift effect Oh.

3. Shower face-lift

Face-lift can take the bath to carry out, because the hot water bath can make your face a lot of sweat, this can be very effective to make the face of the edema was removed, the shower is generally more than the bubble bath weight loss Well, because the bubble bath can not soak to the face Oh, you can just wash the face, first wash your face with hot water, and then wash the face with cold water, so hot and cold alternately stimulate the face, facial blood circulation can be stimulated to accelerate , Not only can play a very good weight loss, but also to eliminate facial fine lines, making the skin more compact.

4. Beat face-lift

This face-lift method requires the purchase of a massage with a small wooden mallet, you can also buy some small tools used to face-lift. You can use this face-lift method in the face of the chin at the meat of the local lightly beat. Be sure to pay attention to beat the skin before the coating with olive oil, which can reduce friction. You can choose the Internet, watching TV and other free time beating non-stop ten minutes, insist on doing a long time will be able to see the effect on the face of the beat can make the muscles slightly stimulated, resulting in muscle atrophy, can be very effective Of the reduction in facial fat. It should be noted that each beating must be cleaned.

5. Watermelon mask face-lift method

Summer is coming, and to the time to eat watermelon, watermelon juice can be squeezed, then the mask on the watermelon juice soak for five minutes, then taken out to apply to the face, not only can effectively compact skin, and can Make facial skin becomes compact, and can play a very good face-lift effect oh.

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