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Health tips

in Philosophie 27.09.2016 09:54
von leaflee | 82 Beiträge

Health tips

If you really hungry panic, you can drink plenty of water, or eat an apple.

Do not eat dinner law
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Eat meals every day, the milk as part of meals, girls drink very good, but pay attention to the sugar-free Oh, the best to buy their own Soymilk, a day to play their own, convenient and cheap.


Soybean milk mainly extracted from the rich high-quality vegetable protein soybeans, in addition to soy protein, but also contains a lot of soy isoflavones (Isoflavone), soybean glycosides (Saponin) and other ingredients.

These ingredients can inhibit the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates, play the effect of burning body fat. So from the moment of drinking milk, after digestion → absorption → burning fat at all stages, these active ingredients may have been playing a weight-loss effect it!

Because it is low-calorie food, no matter how much to eat, will not be more than the daily intake of calories, so naturally reduce the weight. But also can improve dry skin, allergic dermatitis, constipation and other symptoms.

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