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How to lose weight to do so in autumn you still thin young.

in Philosophie 26.09.2016 10:00
von leaflee | 82 Beiträge

How to lose weight to do so in autumn you still thin young.

Today is the white dew, the temperature began to decline, after the white dew, fall officially began. Eat some high calorie foods can resist the cold, but if eat more, may cause obesity. Fall weight loss is also need to pay attention to things, on the one hand a small amount of activity, people do not like sports, causing the body heat hoarding, resulting in obesity; the other hand, fall disease is a high incidence of disease, many diseases can cause obesity. How to lose weight? There are many ways to introduce some of the following, so you can thin in the fall can also show young.
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Autumn weight loss is also need to pay attention to things.

First, acupuncture points to lose weight.

There are many ways to lose weight, acupuncture weight loss method is undoubtedly better, in our body, the distribution of the 720 points, for the health of the body to maintain a normal body to run a very good help, acupuncture weight loss method is also advocated by a Chinese medicine Safer weight loss methods.

1, massage Tianshu points.

For obese people, usually in the appropriate massage Tianshu hole for weight loss have a very good help, Tianshu points in our navel position, can effectively regulate and health care.

Massage Tianshu points is the main advantage to promote gastrointestinal function, in clinical, will Tianshu hole for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, of course, will also be used to treat constipation, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other diseases.

And here is the main point of massage Tianshu points can be carried out to lose weight, and more is to use to promote gastrointestinal motility to carry out. In the fall, gastrointestinal regulation is actually very slow, so it will cause food impurities, the accumulation of residual heat in the intestine, likely to cause the intestine (intestinal tract), the digestive tract, the digestive tract, Blocking, and thus affect the body conditioning.

The massage Tianshu Point, you can adjust the body very well, for the promotion of gastrointestinal motility has a very good effect, and thus be able to achieve the effect of weight loss.

2, massage the Zusanli.

Above mentioned massage Tianshu points can reduce the abdomen fat, in life, there is a site will cause the accumulation of fat, that is, legs.

Elephant legs are the most common call in life, many people are abhorred of this term, very tired, how to lose weight on the legs became the concern of these people.

The appropriate massage Zusanli for the legs to lose fat very good help, Zusanli belong to the stomach meridian points, for the spleen and stomach have a very good help, the appropriate massage can promote gastrointestinal motility, can speed up the body fat Consumption, to achieve the role of weight loss.

At the same time, massage Zusanli also be able to pass through the meridians, for the leg blood run also has a very good help, this can play a role in regulating immunity, enhance disease resistance, for the removal of leg fat also have good effect.

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