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Riding a sense of cycling

in Philosophie 20.09.2016 08:54
von leaflee | 82 Beiträge

Riding a sense of cycling

1, to warm up: in order to avoid the movement in the process of better protection of their own body, to avoid unnecessary muscle strain, such as knees, thighs and other lower extremities are important personal parts.
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2, to listen to coach instructions: in the class process, some details need to follow the coach's tips, so as to more effectively achieve the fitness effect. Such as some body position changes and resistance adjustment.

3, to put: music sounded, bright rhythm and warm atmosphere is very important, but the most important thing is their own heart and soul into, so you can really enjoy the fitness and enjoy the pleasure of physical movement.

4, to pay: water is a very important issue, not wait until their real hunger when the replenishment, should be at regular intervals to the amount of replenishment.

5, to wear breathable sportswear: sweating pores open, the need for free breathing, if then you are wearing a gas-tight equipment, and breathing in the water what is the difference?

6, to do what we do: not every bike lesson you have to follow the rhythm of the coach action, especially just touch the dynamic cycling can be slightly slower than the coach and the coach less than the resistance, so maybe you can faster Fall in love with the sport.

7, to relax: a class down, your legs consumption is quite large, if you do not want to become thicker thighs, then it is best to do some relaxation exercises, such as pressing legs, rubbing legs like a simple relaxation action can.

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