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Dancing where you want to protect

in Philosophie 13.09.2016 08:30
von leaflee | 82 Beiträge

Dancing where you want to protect

1. ligament

The original dance is essential to pull the ligament, complete flexibility in dance training system can offer great help and dance pulled ligaments, can reduce the risk of injury, adhere to the flexibility of the training process can dance greatly reducing the chance of injury. But we still have to protect our ligaments, to avoid ligament injury, ligament tear and so on.
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2. knee

It is a knee meniscus cartilage which is now, once adult meniscus injury, it is not self-healing growth, the worst case can only be surgically removed, so that we must protect our knee meniscus.

3. ankle

Dancing is a more intense movement, even if it is very minor technical errors, and make the whole body to lose balance and control, resulting in a fall, or even damage the ankle. So, we have to choose a pair of comfortable and lightweight shoes, too loose or too ill-fitting shoes will dance process is easy to lose balance, leading to action mistake even injured, and thus damage the ankle.

4. ears

Hearing is an important way of human feelings of the world, larger if we dancing decibel music, then it is likely to cause listening fatigue, prolonged exposure to noise will cause irreversible damage to the cochlea, the hearing will not be restored. So, we must protect the ears dancing, try to make the music sound a bit small, minimize hearing damage.

5. Joint

Sports so thick bones, muscles will become stronger, and enhance articular cartilage nutrition, but for joint damage relatively large dance movements, we still have to moderate. Dance also has a time limit, for a long time dancing will affect the joints, causing joint wear and tear, leading to joint stress point capability has been greatly reduced, suffering from arthritis.

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