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Laminate flooring

in Der Ort Stegen 05.09.2016 07:38
von linan110112 | 76 Beiträge

Laminate flooring has to be done to lower longan, outdoor wpc wall panel more and more families like to use laminate flooring, especially young people are often the first choice of laminate flooring. Strengthen the floor of wear resistance, this feature is quite palatable for young people. Many young people like to buy a lot of furniture and furniture purchased during handling is very easy to wear floor. Only the most laminate flooring is not afraid of toss. And many young people after moving into a new home, it will add a child within the past few years, with laminate flooring, do not worry kids pee, open walkers, more suitable. When installing laminate flooring, earthworm is widely used. This broke the previous laying laminate flooring without earthworm tradition. Paved earthworm, wpc decking buy in thailand laminate flooring foot feeling good, strong stability. Strengthen the solid wood boards become "test the water off." There are two types of flooring with the word "enhanced", but a different order. One is to strengthen the solid wood board, a more accurate description is imitation wood to strengthen the board, and its essence is to strengthen the floor, 1.2 cm thickness, surface plated with imitation wood film. Mostly domestic brands, the price of 60-80 yuan / square meter. Another type is to strengthen the wood panel, the essence of this type of flooring is solid wood flooring, but because the outer layer is coated with a reinforcing material, so this type of wood floor has laminate flooring wear, wooden fence cost estimator but the price is high, about 300-400 yuan / square meter. Strengthened wood panels on the market, is also part of the villas, townhouses family to accept, but because of its high price, for now, can only be regarded decoration "test the water off" on the popular stage. From the wall tiles polished tiles can only be attached to the ground it? The answer is not necessarily. Right now, polished tiles affixed to the bathroom, the kitchen wall. They atmospheric wall, kitchen, bathroom suddenly becomes a "on." Polishing brick wall - negative factors will cause the loss of large, labor costs are relatively high. uv resistant rubber paver mats But anyway, this idea of ​​people are showing the changes --- as long as a suitable material, its performance will have a variety of techniques.

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