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Sparse beard off descriptive ability

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After adulthood, bearded excess growth generally there are two kinds of situations.A scenario is when the excessive secretion of androgens, such as adrenal tumors, beard will be growing;Another case is taken too much androgen and products, cause excessive androgens.Traditional Chinese medicine have had on the relationship between the beard and beard growth spray for sale sexual awareness.To adulthood, beard general with hair the same color, texture and harden, then at this point, efficacy, tend to be stable.Medical books more than two thousand years ago (pivot. 15 people), Yin and Yang are pointed out: in the blood onto the weigh, long, little gas many blood should be short, flesh is no less.Modern medicine to help diagnose disease with beard: if a man's beard becomes scarce, or all off, is likely to be decreased sexual function.

Because of the existence of the hair follicle receptors, so with androgen secretion exuberant man, come in different shapes, beard receptor much more dense, receptor junior more sparse.However, the amount of hair follicle receptors affected by birth.Unless special reasons such as trauma, from the date of birth, hair follicle receptors to beard had stable is the influence of hormone can continue the influence of life.

Thick beard, in other words, mainly related to genetic, but the same person at different times of dense and sparse beard indeed related to androgen and androgen have inseparable relationship with sexual wholesale beard growth spray function.Visible, the same person at different times of dense and sparse beard associated with sexual function.However, simply to judge the strength of the sexual function, with whiskers amount is not scientific.

If someone suggest you often shave, and best shave every day, you don't think this is nonsense, often shave even shave every day means strengthen and perfect function.

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