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The cost of treatment for glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a rapid onset, harmfulness, always lead to blindness common difficult eye diseases.Feature is intermittent or persistent ocular hypertension level than the degree of tolerated by eye and eye every part of the organization and visual function damage, lead to optic atrophy, a narrow field of vision, decreased visual acuity, blindness is only the careprost eye drops time sooner or later, in the acute phase of 24-48 hours can be completely blind.

1, glaucoma surgery effect: after some medical appraisal of experts and patients eligible for glaucoma surgery, the doctor skilled and can according to the patients with myopia conditions to develop a reasonable scheme of glaucoma surgery, so the operation effect and treatment of myopia operation price only have the effect of on the one hand, and the doctor validation is also related to the patient's own condition, how much is the fee for glaucoma is affected by the corresponding.

2, equipment in a certain extent determines the costs of treating glaucoma: advanced equipment, standard of glaucoma surgery environment, reliable doctor qualifications can brings to the operation safety of high security, but the international advanced equipment, laminar flow operating room, such as the need to increase investment in hospital, how much is the fee for glaucoma.

3, the factors influencing patients' condition was also important: glaucoma patients at the time of preoperative examination can be found that the degree of refractive error is small, and the corneal thickness is also have low have high.Due to the different conditions, the basis of, if want to get ideal vision, treatment ways would be different, so the operation used in the equipment and material is different, so eventually lead to glaucoma: how much is the fee is not the same.

4, the laser treatment: glaucoma laser trabecular molding technique, careprost bimatoprost laser resection of the iris root, etc.Primary open-angle glaucoma patients, can laser therapy (trabeculectomy) to control the intraocular pressure.Angle-closure glaucoma patients, can undertake laser treatment, hit a hole in the iris, to improve the aqueous humor drainage.Advanced technology professional talent service, including the consumption of glaucoma is also huge.

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