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Did you know which one is fashionable eyelashes

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The eyes are the window of the soul, but the window of the soul of the eyelashes curtain oh, if you don't open the curtain, your power immediately is lower by half, so eyelash is very important.

Before sticky false eyelashes, you must first help you massage, false lilash eyelash uk eyelash so-called massage is to turn the stem of false eyelash, let terrier soft type meets his/her eyes.When glue coated with rubber after remember when half dry glue, can be a sticker, if your eyelash glue is white, the glue become translucent is half dried up, stick up again the viscosity will be the best at this moment.

When wearing false eyelashes, usually type should be in accordance with their own eyes to clip, clip from false eyelash long when you need to start at the other end cut, it looks more natural.

Yourself before I can put on a false eyelash eyelash clip becomes lilash serum reviews warped, at the time of wear, make false eyelashes at the middle of the first position, with a small clip adjust the position, the true and false eyelash clip together, by the way, if you feel the true and false eyelash clip or there is no way to together, can brush on a little bit of mascara, took advantage of the mascara half dry, reoccupy clip will be true and false eyelash clip together.

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