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Steering Safety Rules for Excavators

in Der Ort Stegen 02.08.2016 11:37
von sanyglobal | 60 Beiträge

Sometimes, steering an excavator is like driving a car. The followings are some rules you need to follow when operating an Excavator.

You shall only operate the excavator in the operator seat.Nobody is allowed to take a ride on the Mini Excavator except the operator.Check alarm device to see whether it functions normally.Always lock the cab door and windows in open or shut positions. At where theremay be hazard of falling objects, check thedoors and windows of the machine to seeif they are properly shut.Make sure there is nobody within the working range and hoot to give alert before reversingor swinging.

If your view is limited when reversing,designate a signalman and keep him withinyour eyesight.When a signalman is required for a specific job, hand signals specified in local regulationsmust be used.Only when both signalman and operator understand the signals can the machine bemoved. Small Excavator Understand all vocal, graphic and flag signals used in work and decide who is togive signals.Keep the windows, rear view mirrors and work lamps clean and intact.Dust, heavy rain or fog will reduce visibility. Drive slowly and use proper lights in caseof low visibility.

What's more, to prevent the excavator from stalling due tooverload or damage of work equipment,never operate the Large Excavator exceeding allowablemaximum load or performance parameters.Keep your excavator a safe distance from people, buildings or other machines in orderto avoid collision during moving or operation.

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