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Construction of concrete mixing station summer

in Der Ort Stegen 26.07.2016 12:21
von sunnyrose | 1.515 Beiträge

High summer temperatures, low humidity and dry fast, since the pouring new concrete mixing plant condensation speed, strength reduction of concrete and other adverse effects that may occur, then When pouring concrete job requires special care. Correctly analyze the reasons for the adverse effects of factors, and then take effective technical measures to eliminate the negative factors so as to minimize or is necessary.

It should take concrete mixing station mixing concrete measures to control the temperature of the concrete, by controlling the temperature of the concrete to control the amount of water added to reduce the slump loss rate, reduce plastic shrinkage cracking. The following measures can be taken at this stage:
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(1) through the use of fly ash to replace cement water reducing agent or to reduce the amount of cement. Meanwhile, in the pouring conditions allow increased aggregate size.

(2) If the concrete mixture to be transported, the available retarder longer distances to control the setting time, but should ensure the correct dosage of retarder is particularly important for underwater concrete works.
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(3) If a higher slump should be used superplasticizer. Some superplasticizer produce high slump it can be maintained 2h. Superplasticizer also possible to reduce the friction between the aggregate particles in the mixing process, slowing the transport mixer mixing tube heat accumulation.

(4) the aggregate heap sprinkler to facilitate evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of the concrete; if wet with cold water (such as groundwater or well water), the cooling effect will be better, especially when the humidity is high.
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(5) in the high temperature, high humidity season when long-distance transportation of concrete to be considered transport mixer stirring delay, so that when it reaches the site is still in the state of agitation.

(6) where possible, you should make plans to avoid pouring concrete when the daily maximum temperature. Under dry conditions, the evening pouring concrete affected by wind and temperature decreased.

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