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How to choose a second-hand excavator with high performance

in Der Ort Stegen 19.07.2016 11:48
von sanyglobal | 60 Beiträge

Choosing a satisfying second-hand excavator needs comprehensive inspection. We should not only check the appearance of the excavator but also take a test drive which can detect the real performance of the second-hand Excavators.

An excavator has a self-inspection process when it is connected to power like cars. During the process, various kinds of sensors begin to work, gathering information such as water temperature, oil temperature and fault message. The information and some fault codes can be displayed on the monitor. The time period for the self-inspection varies among different types of excavators, but the average time is approximately ten seconds.When you start the engine of the Excavators, you can stand by the engine to hear its sound. The engine quality can be detected from whether the engine has abnormal sound. The starting time can also reflect some problems. Long time starting indicates that there exist some problems of the engine. The service life of the engine will be greatly shortened due to the enormous electric current.

The engine’s exhaust condition should also be examined. If there is a small quantity of black smoke when the Large Excavators just starts and disappears later, it is the normal condition due to the insufficient burning of diesel. But if there is white smoke, it indicates the abnormal situation. The white smoke might be water vapor or diesel vapor. Water vapor means water flows into the cylinder and diesel vapor means the engine’s time distribution has some problem. Some diesel has been ejected without burning.

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