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锘? Every basketball team's goal is to improve their skills or their game and play well. It is important that the team has confidence before they set foot on the floor or court. But how can the team acheive confidence? The answer is preparation. Through preparation Damon Severson Devils Jersey , the team gains confidence. The team can prepare through practice. Practicing skills and team plays can make the team confident to face any situation that they should encounter in an actual game.

In making a basketball team play you need a diagram to represent the court or floor, some chips or a marker to place the positions of the players, who are given a specific number or color of chips. This is used to explain the flow of the play so the team players know how to act or where to go during specific team plays. Extensive knowledge of the game itself Cory Schneider Devils Jersey , tactics and rules is also essential. In order to facilitate the discussion, everyone concerned should bear in mind that the strong side means that it is the side of the court where the basketball is and the weaker side is the one without the basketball.

This is where names such as John Stockton, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash come into play. These are some of the most skilled basketball players in terms of playmaking. While the coach is in charge of teaching how plays should be made Andy Greene Devils Jersey ,the point guard has the primary task to make sure that these are properly executed during the game.

Offensive Plays are used when the team has the possession of the ball. The focus of this play is to score. Plays of this kind increase the chances of the players, such as the point guard, to make the basket and score. Examples of this play are 1-3-1 offensive plays Adam Henrique Devils Jersey , 1-4 formation offensive plays, zone formation offensive plays, triangle offense formation and man to man offense.

The offensive team that will do these offensive plays is composed of five players with corresponding titles and numbers: The point guard (1) Tuomo Ruutu Jersey , the shooting guard (2), the forward guard (3), the power guard (4) and the center (5). The point guard directs the offensive play on the court. The shooting guard is the best outside shooter and usually takes the shot that allows the basketball to make the basket Travis Zajac Jersey , he should know the right timing for scoring. The small forward guard moves quickly and effectively and keeps the ball away from the defensive team. They can also drive to take a shot or do jump shots anywhere. The power forward is the best inside shooter, which shoots well from underneath the basket or on its corners. The center is the tallest member of the team and does the rebounds and plays with his back almost facing the basket all the time.

Defensive plays are used by the team when they prevent the ball from making the basket by guarding the basket themselves and the players as well so that scoring won't be successful. The focus of this play is to prevent the other team from scoring by trying to steal the ball or disrupting the flow of play of the team that has ball possession.

Plays of this kind puts pressure on the players who have ball possession making them vulnerable. The defending team players use this situation to their advantage and stop the ball from making it to the basket or making it possible to steal the ball from their hands. Examples of this play are the zone defense and the 2-3 zone defense.

Team players should possess characteristics when they are on the defensive play. Quickness is a quality that can be applied to the hands and feet. Swift movements are necessary to help defensive steal the ball from the offensive team. Strong legs can be helpful in doing repetitive quick jumps. Focus on the game is necessary and they should always be aware since they will read and observe the offensive play so they can use it to their advantage.

This will help the defensive team members to react quickly and appropriately. Defensive team members should be flexible and able to do different kinds of defensive plays depending on the situation.

They should be able to apply defensive skills on both weak and strong sides of the court. Understanding of the strategies and concepts of the game helps them make right decisions based on the situation. Good communication is essential for teamwork because if they work together on the floor, the offensive team will have a difficult time scoring.

Practicing the basic basketball skills as well as the offensive and defensive plays helps a team prepare for a game. When you are prepared to face the battle during a basketball game Scott Stevens Jersey , worries can be set aside and confidence is gained. These are the secrets to playing a good game and playing it right. Winning and being a champion is possible if these things are kept in mind.
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Read about basketball plays and history of basketball at The Basketball Coach.

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