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Relation between Magnetic Declination and Separation Effect

in Schwerhörigkeit 12.07.2016 06:56
von dongfang | 14 Beiträge

On the spindle nose of magnetic separator close to the drive side, there is equipped with a magnetic declination indicating device. talc powder machinery production can adjust the size of magnetic declination by regulating the nuts. It's not appropriate for magnetic declination angle to be too big or too small. Small magnetic declination angle will influence the concentration quality. Because if the magnetic declination is small, it will make the weak-magnetism particles have a chance to be selected, which will make the tailings grade reduced and be conductive to the recovery rate.
When the magnetic declination angle is too small, the concentrate will be difficult to discharge and tailings grade will increase on the contrary. This is because ore concentrates cannot be lifted to the required height and fall off. When the magnetic declination angle is too big, marble granite processing plant is good for improving the quality of the concentrates. Because only those particles with strong magnetism can be selected and weak-magnetic minerals have no chance to be selected and finally enter into the tailings, thus promoting tailings grade and reducing recovery rate.
Therefore, which size is proper for the magnetic declination angle must be determined according to the actual operation requirements. Don't change the adjusted magnetic declination angle if there is no change on the operating conditions and requirements.
The optimal mineral processing process is determined by mineral property. Besides, crusher machine industry development even the same kind of minerals in different ore deposits will present different properties. So we recommend our customers to conduct ore analysis and mineral processing test first and then determine the most appropriate magnetic separation scheme and choose suitable magnetic separating equipment.

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