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Sany Paver is Tough, Even Buried in Mudslide

in Der Ort Stegen 06.07.2016 11:47
von sanyglobal | 61 Beiträge

Paving Machine are always in a panic when disaster comes, but miracles appear in the resistance to nature, which makes us feel the stubbornness of life as well as optimism and inspiration. There is one unit of equipment at Sany which is called “the toughest paver” by clients. “The toughest paver” is Sany multi-function paver DTU90CS, which has withstood the typhoon, rainstorm, deluge and mudslide.

In August, 2012, the NO.15 typhoon landed in Liaoning province, causing heavy rain in many areas and mudslide in mountainous area. Sany paver DTU90CS worked in the mountain area and was buried in the mudslide when the disaster came. After checking, the technician found there was no big malfunction except for some muddy stones leaking into the panel device, while the engine, hydraulic system, electric wires and the motor were all in normal condition. The machine walked out from the muddy water with every part keeping normal. Road Roller for Sale

The customer was shocked by the high quality and advanced technology of Sany products, naming it“the toughest paver”. Grader Machine Till now, this paver is still working normally in various constructions and spares no efforts to build plain and smooth roads.

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