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Color coated paper substrate classification

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von linan110112 | 76 Beiträge

HDG substrates: organic paint coated on galvanized steel sheet obtained product is hot dip galvanized color coated. In addition to hot-dip galvanizing color coated with a protective effect of zinc, organic coating on the surface also played an isolation protection against rust effect, longer life than galvanized plate. The amount of zinc galvanized substrate is generally 180g / m2 (double-sided), the amount of building use galvanized hot dip galvanized substrate of up to 275g / m2.Discount stainless steel plate in China

Hot galvanized substrate: hot galvanized steel (55% Al-Zn) as a new coated substrate, usually aluminum-containing zinc amount 150g / m (two-sided). Hot galvanized plate is 2-5 times the corrosion resistance of galvanized plate. At temperatures up to 490 ℃ continuous or intermittent use or not heavily oxidized to produce oxide. Ability to reflect heat and light is twice galvanized steel sheet, the reflectance is greater than 0.75 is an ideal energy-saving building materials.300 Series Stainless Steel Properties Comparison

Galvanized substrates: electric galvanized sheet for the substrate, coated with organic coating baked income products for color-coated galvanized, electro-galvanized sheet since the zinc thin, usually zinc content of 20 / 20g / m2, so the products are not suitable for use in the production of outdoor walls, roofs and the like. But having a beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, it can be mainly used in home appliances, audio, steel furniture, interior decoration and so on.stainless steel plate thickness

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