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The end of the summer can create a mixed bag of emotions. Yes , your days of hanging by the pool and getting away to the beach for a weekend are coming to an end, but the crisp fall air is moving in and the changing seasons offer a new bounty of opportunity.

Football season is finally here, and soon will come the holidays. With all of this comes jacket weather, sled riding, and fires in the fireplace. Summer is great and all , but a new season creates new possibilities.

When the summer ends, it is also time to consider new fall fashions. Cut-off shorts and flip-flops are about to be replaced by flannel shirts and boots.

UGG boots offer a dramatic and exciting array of styles for both men and women that come just in time for the changing weather. Here are a few examples of dynamic styles that will have you looking and feeling great when the cold air rolls in.

Mens Styles

One common misperception about the UGG brand is that they are primarily for women. On the contrary, UGG has a vast array of handsome styles that are perfect for todays modern man.

Classic UGG Australia Mens Classic Short

The Classic Short is essentially the mens version of the boot that made UGG famous around the world. It rises to the lower calf and is constructed of twin-faced sheepskin. The inner sheepskin sock liner naturally repels moisture so that your feet will stay dry, even if you are out running around all day.

To make these shoes even more comfortable, they are constructed with a molded and flexible EVA light outsole. This shoe stands to approximately 8.5 inches tall and is a great everyday boot for being out and about this coming fall.

Authentic UGG Mens Scuff Romeo

As the weather gets colder , we dont just have to worry about changing our footwear when we are out on the streets. It also means that we can no longer run around the house in our bare feet. To keep our toes warm, it is officially slipper season.

The Scuff Romeo II is a great sandal for around the house or for taking on trips. It is made from suede and garment leather and comes in the Chestnut color. Fleece lines the inside of this slipper and makes it extra comfortable and durable. This slipper is so durable that it can even be worn outside, even if it is just to pick up the morning newspaper.

Womens Styles

Of course, for every mens style out there, UGG offers twice as many exotic and fashionable womens styles. They range from the classic elegance of UGGs trademark look , to revolutionary boots, the likes of which many people have never seen before.

Authentic UGG Australia Womens Bailey Button Metallic Logo

The Bailey is a style that is perfect for a winter night out on the town. The UGG logo has been lacquered all over the shimmering outside of this boot. Unlike the classic slip-on style, this particular boot uses a single button and loop at the ankle to close it. The comfortable sheepskin lining will slightly stick out where it clasps for an extra fashionable design element.

This exceptional boot can take on a whole different look by undoing the clasp and cuffing the top part over. This simple switch can extend the seasonal lifespan of this boot long into the springtime.

UGG Classic Candy Cream

People who like wearing big comfortable sweaters love the wintertime. The Classic Candy by UGG is made of heathered merino wool to make it take on the same appearance as sweater material.

This boot buttons up the side with three wooden buttons that have the UGG logo etched into them. You can leave the top one unbuttoned for a casual look, unbutton them all the way and cuff it over, or keep all of them buttoned up for the coldest winter days. The Classic Candy will offer versatile looks all winter long.

Authentic UGG Australia Womens Classic Tall Marbled Nickel Sheepskin

This dynamic and flashy style from UGG stands tall on your leg , but can also be cuffed down for warmer days or to match different outfits. The twin-face sheepskin has an exciting outer pattern that is Nickel-colored and marbled so that it looks almost tie-dyed.

This boot stands 11 inches tall when it is not folded down and looks great when worn over a pair of well-fitting jeans. Whether you are strutting around campus or making your way to the grocery store, this boot will instantly upgrade your daily style points.

Winter isnt always easy. The shortened days and cold nights can really bring a person down after a while. No boot is going to solve seasonal affective disorder, but there is no argument that when you look good, you feel good. So when cabin fever starts to get you down this winter, strap on a pair of UGG boots and get out of the house. The boots might not solve all your problems , but the fresh air will do you some good.

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